Access javascript variable from GeckoFx

This article helps developers to retrieve javascript variables from any webpage.
Two things are covered in the below code.

  • Injecting javascript into any webpage
  • Accessing javascript variable from the webpage.

Step 1: Navigating to the webpage (“”)

GeckoWebBrowser browser_gecko= new GeckoWebBrowser();
browser_gecko.DocumentCompleted += browser_DocumentCompleted_gecko;

private void browser_DocumentCompleted_gecko(object sender, GeckoDocumentCompletedEventArgs e)

            string jCode = " function variable() {return geckovariable;}"; // geckovariable is the variable name that exists in the webpage.
            GeckoElement script = browser_gecko.Document.CreateElement("script");
            script.TextContent = jCode;
            GeckoNode res = browser_gecko.Document.Head.AppendChild(script);

            string outString = "";
            AutoJSContext context = new AutoJSContext(browser_gecko.Window);
            JsVal result = context.EvaluateScript("variable()", browser_gecko.Window.DomWindow);

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