Save XML in flash

This article shows how to create XML and store it into a Local Machine without any dialog box.
In order to avoid the dialog box and save with full security, Adobe Air is the best option. FileStream from Adobe Air has the reliability to save the file without any user interaction

Step 1. Create one Sample XML file in C:\test.xml with <sample></sample>

Step 2: Create two textboxes and one save button with instances name uid , pwd and saveBtn

Step 3. The code below

import flash.filesystem.*;
var LoadXML=new URLLoader(new URLRequest(“c://test.xml”)) // Loading XML file
LoadXML.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE,LoadXMLFunction) // on load of XML calls LoadXMLFunction
saveBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK,onSave) // on save button click calls onSave
var MainXML:XML;function LoadXMLFunction(e:Event)
MainXML=XML( //Load all XML data from test.xml to MainXML
function onSave(e:Event):void
var item:XML = <citem /> // Create one XML Node
item.userId = uid.text // assign uid textbox value to userId node
item.pwd = pwd.text  // assign pwd textbox value to pwd node
MainXML.appendChild(item); // Append this xml item to MainXML 

var file:File = new File();
file = file.resolvePath(“c:\\test.xml”); // open test.xml 
var fileStream:FileStream = new FileStream(); // Create new FileStream to Perform Read or Write, FileMode.WRITE); // Open file in WRITE Mode
fileStream.writeUTFBytes(MainXML);  //Write MainXML xml content to the file test.xml
fileStream.close(); //Close the File Stream